Solar Panel Installation

What happens in a solar panel installation? Well the basic process for a roof mounted solar panel system for a home or commercial property could be described as follows:

  1. Site is prepared with any working platforms and health and safety equipment required. Scaffolding is typically used.

  2. The solar panel mounting frame is installed – there are three main types of roof mounted frame type

    1. On-roof

    2. In-roof

    3. Flat roof

  3. The solar panels are fixed to the mounting frame

  4. The electrical work is carried out. This includes cable runs and the installation of the inverter and other electrical components such as isolators and a generation meter.

  5. The system is commissioned and switched on

  6. Any scaffold etc is removed from site.

A solar panel installation process varies slightly with the type of installation and the type of property being installed on. There are four primary differences in solar panel installation:

  1. Solar panel frame type

    1. On-roof

    2. In-roof

    3. Flat roof

  2. Roof type

    1. Slate

    2. Plain tile

    3. Concrete tile

    4. Flat roof

  3. Inverter type

    1. String inverter

    2. String inverter with power optmisers

    3. Micro-inverters

  4. Monitoring types

    1. Inverter monitoring systems

    2. Generation meter monitoring systems

    3. Retro-fit clamp meter style monitors

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